8th May 2017

It’s getting closer and closer to the formal opening of our business in the first week of June.  There have been some very successful soft launch weekends with friends, and our first paying guests have stayed and left some great reviews, but it will soon be a reality when Amanda leaves paid employment to concentrate full time on running L’Ancienne Cave.  She’s excited and nervous in equal quantities at the moment.

On the bright side, despite the recent weather chaos causing disaster for the wine growers, we have had some lovely weather and it has brought the roses out in the courtyard.  I’m expecting to go back this weekend and seeing the clematis out in bloom as well.  The wisteria didn’t blossom this year but we are expecting the honeysuckle to come out.

Saturday night was a pleasure.  We decided to have the night round La Claranda.  An American guitarist called Jeff Zima was playing slide blues, and it turned out to be a great night out.  Our events page gives you a link to what’s coming up, so spending a weekend with us throws up opportunities for some eclectic musical experiences, depending on your choice of weekend.

Jeff Zima on Youtube