Food and Wine

One of the big attractions to the Aude for us was the vast range of local produce and wine you can find in the shops here. For instance, our local butcher in Couiza took delivery of a champion Charolais just before Xmas, and we arranged to go down just before and buy some. He brought the whole side out and let us choose which cut we wanted.  Local vegetable markets are all around, and supermarket stock very locally sourced items.  Some of our seasonal vegetables used in our food literally can be measured in food yards, not food miles.  And there's also the locally hunted wild boar ...

Wines - where to start!  Nicolas Therez have their tinel 30 metres away, and we have yet to find anything better than their 4 cremants and blanquettes, plus their white Petit Louis.  Anne de Joyeuse have an outlet 6km away, and Gayda is 30 minutes in the car. We always have something from these suppliers in the wine rack. At very reasonable prices.


Amanda is a truly gifted cook. The gallery shows photos of some of the tasty and well-presented food that comes out of her kitchen on a daily basis, whether we have guests requiring table d'hote or not.

Should you want to "eat in" during your visit, Amanda will speak to you about any dietary requirements and/or allergies, and do a food selection based on your preferences.

Please note that, under table d'hote restrictions, we cannot offer a restaurant-style choice of meals, so if there are a number of guests in to eat, the plan will take in all restrictions.


Ah, the wine.

We are very fortunate to live in an area that, while world-reknown for it's regions, has many small artesan vignerons producing excellent quality wines which do not appear in the retail outlets our guests will be most familiar with.