20th Mar 2017

Our first weekend as hosts. Some very good friends came across to give us some feedback on the proposed business offering and their thoughts were very, very positive.  We adapted quickly to the different living timetable for caring for guests, and I have to say we were surprised at how naturally it all fell into place.  Amanda is a morning person so she attended to breakfasts, and I’m an evening person so I looked after everyone until they decided to call it a day. 

Please note that there aren’t any food photos this week, due largely to the amount of fun we were having. And the fact that England gave up the Grand Slam in Ireland, meaning that sorrows were drowned.

We rounded off the weekend on Sunday around tables in the South Courtyard as the sun went down, and then went for a walk out into and around the village to catch the last of the light.  It reminded me that we live in a tremendously beautiful location which we want to share with many different guests over the coming years.