11th Apr 2017

There has been a blog delay due to the pressures of time and to the fact that we had family across for a week, both to show them the new home and to give the place a full shake-down for the first paying guests.  However, both sides of that coin went well, we had an enjoyable week and further tuned the running of the establishment.

The appearance of the Breakfast Quiche has proved to be very successful. An Amanda original, it goes a nod at the full English but pulls back and has elements of France in it too.  I can see this being a favourite for people on sightseeing weekends who want something to send them out of the house smiling in the morning.

Once all the family left for the airport on Saturday, Amanda and I went for a long walk around the village for some down time.  This is the time of year when the countryside starts to come alive after winter, with the vines starting to trail and the farmers getting out in the vineyards hoeing between the rows in their tiny tractors.  Strolling along the side of the Rialsesse and catching the reflections on the water, we look forward to welcoming guests to our home so that we can share these great panoramas with them.