24th Apr 2017

It has been a mixed weekend down in Serres.  I don’t know a lot about wine production, but people who know a lot more than me will talk about ‘terroir’ being key to the quality of the grapes produced.  This term encompasses all aspects of the ground on which the vines grow, including the mineralogy and water retaining capability of the soil, the pitch to the horizontal to maximise the sunlight, and the micro-climate caused by the peaks, hollows and prevailing wind direction.  Our immediate neighbours had a disaster caused by the latter – there was a sudden frost over three consecutive nights last week at the exact point in the growth cycle of the vines when they were vulnerable, and as a consequence, they have lost their 2017 harvest. As you can imagine, there were some sad faces in the village.

Amazingly, when we got back for the weekend, we were sat both Saturday and Sunday in low 20s sunshine.  We drove up to Peyriac-de-Mer for lunch with friends by the side of the Étang de l’Ayrolle and got a little scorched walking by the side of the water, looking at the flamingos.

The D613 remains a great road for a drive, and now that we have the Giulietta down with us for a few months, it’s not a chore to leave the village.